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Sexism & Technology

Seldom do we think about how present-day technology reinforces gender stereotypes. The AI assistants on your smartphone are all modeled after women, you can ask Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant if they love you and the reply is almost always mildly flirtatious. Most assistive roles such as secretaries, house-help, nannies take form as female figures. We can see that this has somewhat withstood the passing of time and has transitioned to the digital sphere as well.

Along with this, search engines such as Google Images reinforce these longheld beliefs as well. This notion ties into the objectification of women from certain races as well. The attached short video shows images of young women in suggestive stances appear about 40% of the time in a Brazilian women's image search, while sexually suggestive content appears only 4% of the time in a German women's picture search, with images primarily of female politicians and athletes. It also shows how, when searching for Ukrainian women, 60% of the results are linked to dating services or websites with sexualized content.

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There is no denial that Sexism is deeprooted and prevails in the society ,since ages. Even with the passage of time, Sexism has withstood and has transitioned to the Modern Technological World too.

We can't ignore the fact that Artificial Intelligence Assistants on Smartphones are modeled after women Siri, Alexa or Google Assistants, such Assistants can also answer in flirtatious manner ,in accordance with the users' conversation. The present day Technology reinforces Gender Stereotypes. Longheld beliefs about Sexism are evident even on Search Engines like Google Images,where short videos attachments always show women from certain races in fixes persona eg women from Brazil are depicted with more sexually suggestive stance,while women from Germany are shown to be Politicians or…


Well, it is a very interesting topic that you pointed out. After reading your article, I stopped for few minutes and thought of all the instances where there was a woman announcer in different devices. And to there were a lot.

As you mentioned, Siri, Alexa and Google assistant are all voiced by woman, Even the operator on phone call is also a female. They all are "helpers" or "assistants". Women are represented in these specific roles even in digital realm. These stereotypes and representation will do nothing but guarantee a gender binary in the upcoming generations, crippling the opportunities available for women.

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