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Shan Foods and “Doctor Bahu”

Shan always come up with different ideas in term of advertising their products, they are promoting diversity, family system, equality in society ,breaking stereotype, defying gender roles but this time they depict rights for working women.

This advertisement educates us about the fact that (we already know) 77 percent of female doctors are unable to practice their profession because of our culture. The fact that people demand for doctor bahu but once she gets married her goals and dreams are drained and she is force to do house hold chores. The extravaganza scene that her mother-in-law takes the oath with her doctor bahu to serve the nation and make her patients health, her foremost duty and later on cook the food and pack for her to the hospital to make sure that she is eating healthy. She puts an effort to help her daughter in law to grow and excel as a confident women. This advertisement shares how women help each other and Saas bahu relationship is portrayed in a very positive light.

Another, recent advertisement of Shan Food also come up with the same message.Video below;

Comparatively, the misogynistic and mindless content that we consume every day, the whole concept of this campaign is amazing and heart-touching and we need to promote this message because women doctor remain invisible in our statistics and sometime women do not choose to leave they are forced to do so because of myriad reasons.

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