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Shehr e zaat- A journey of finding God.

When Falak tosses out the heaps of branded clothes and bags from her closet and cries, "Kaash Allah ne mujhe yeh sari cheezein naheen di hoteen, mera Allah ke saath koi rishta to hota, maange ka hee sahee. Mein uss se kuch maangti, woh mujhe deta, aur phir mein usse yaad karti", made me realize how just like every other relationship, your circumstances in life also influence the nature of your relationship with Allah. Growing up we are taught, how the rough patches of life are a blessing in disguise, because they bring you to your knees in front of you Rabb, and what better place for a man to be. We are also constantly reminded of how a multitude of blessings sometimes leads to complacency, where we tend to forget that we have someone to thank for all that we have, and instead grow boastful of that which isn't ours. Both these scenarios extract a response from man, which then influences your "taaluq" with Allah. Shehr e Zaat was a beautiful representation of both these scenarios and the responses produced from them. It depicted how one must invest in his relationship with God, or else he'll find himself lost once he finally starts looking for it. The story introduced a plot which was relatable for every section of the society, which spoke of spiritual struggles that ail most of us, and dealt in a language that had a great outreach; a simple language of love (ishq) and that too the most unique, yet supreme form of Ishq, "Ishq e Hqiqi.

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