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[Short Read] American Psycho: Exploring Toxic Masculinity and Materialism

The 2000 movie American Psycho portrays the life of Patrick Bateman, a successful investment banker who lived in New York City in the 1980s. The hazardous consequences of toxic masculinity and mental instability are explored in the film.

Toxic Masculinity: The idea of toxic masculinity is personified by Patrick Bateman's character. He associates success with having authority over others and dominating them. Even if it means hurting others, Bateman develops an obsession on his appearance, material prosperity, and maintaining an illusion of success.

The Dark Side of Materialism: American Psycho also critiques society's obsession with money, material goods, and the desire to maintain a flawless look. Bateman's desire for luxury and need to be regarded as successful show the hollowness and pointlessness of such pursuits. The movie advises against valuing worldly possessions and society's approval too highly.

The movie American Psycho explores issues including toxic masculinity and the effects of mental instability. The film highlights the risks of putting consumerism, power, and control ahead of empathy, compassion, and real connections with other people. It acts as a reminder for us to reexamine our ideals and give kindness and understanding a higher priority in our lives.

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