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Shrek: The King of Far Far Away!

Shrek, without a doubt, is one of the greatest animated movies and everyone who disagrees needs to go and watch it again. Not only does it include all the other princesses and fairytale characters, but the main princess of the movie, Princess Fiona, is willing to give up her superficial beauty to live happily ever after which is not something we see very often. But Shrek also has one of the greatest soundtracks. This is not just my opinion, it's supported by the fact that it is Grammy and BAFTA nominated. Shrek's soundtrack isn't just empty background noise, it serves a purpose and furthers the plot of the movie. The opening scene has the song All-Star by Smashmouth which is Shreks' first introduction. It is the basis of its morning routine and gives us a glimpse of what the main character is like. There's also a rendition of hallelujah for Shrek and Fionas post-breakup montage. For so many kids this was their first introduction to actual 'grown-up music' and it is so formative and necessary for the movie as it furthers the plot- as any good soundtrack should. Definitely add it to your weekend movie list. Would love to hear your thoughts on the soundtrack.

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Shrek is one of those movies that I always find entertaining, and can watch very happily at any point in my life. I remember loving it when I was a child, however most of the innuendos were so well-concealed that they didnt even cross my mind as wrong till I grew up. Also, one of my favorite songs is the fairy godmother's "i need a hero". Truly a masterpiece!


Shrek has to be one of my favourite movies. I still watch it at times lol and I agree with you the fact that Fiona was ready to give up her superficial beauty was commendable and I don't think I have seen this in any other shows or movies.


Shrek is by far one of my all time favourite animated movies. I watched each and every addition to the series multiple times as a child and I finally get most of the jokes watching it now XD Shrek teaches one to accept one’s self with our flaws, accompanied by an amazing soundtrack, and hilarious side kicks! You’re right when you say that it brought “grown up music” to most kids. For me personally Livin Lavida Loca is the “Shrek Song” to this day!

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