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Single national curriculum and policy implementation

For the past few days, my mother and I were looking for schools for my younger brother. We also met with the administration of those schools and had a look at their curriculums. Some of the "really good schools" of Lahore had teachers who do not have the proper training to train 10-year old for their professional and moral life. Moreover, some schools follow the Oxford books (which have great content, no doubt), and some schools are using a mix of Oxford and PTB. Some schools are not even following the rules and are teaching only with the PTB syllabus.

Then we visited the book shops which were selling the coursebooks and copies for those. My mother asked the shopkeeper why the schools are not following the same curriculum. One school is teaching this book, and another school is teaching that book. To which he replied, "baji, in schools ko jab jurmana (fine) Hoga to ye pese de kr case band krwa dein ge." My take on this is that why the government does not take strict actions against such schools! The government has made a policy, but how long it will take to implement that policy. Is it that difficult? or is the government also involved in it.

There was another point in my mind relating to policy implementation: teachers should be given proper training on the national level, especially for junior schools. This should have been a part of SNC training where teachers can be taught about basic etiquettes needed to convey to the students. How to give mutual respect to the fellows. They should be taught about consent and every sensitive topic. The teachers, in turn, will teach this to the students to ensure a safe future for anyone in society irrespective of their gender. In my opinion, this policy should be added to the program, and measures should be taken to implement it.

Let me know what do you all think about it.

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