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Single National Curriculum or Single National Ignorance

Uniform curriculum seems to be a popular concept but it has been adopted on the basis of political slogans or political necessity instead of wisdom and insight. Two questions are of fundamental importance. The first question is why the need for a uniform curriculum was felt and the second question is what is the government's policy to achieve this goal? The answer to both questions is troubling.

Mr. Prime Minister believes that our education system is creating class divisions in the country and by making the curriculum uniform, this division will end. The reason for the class division in the country is the unfair distribution of resources rather than the education system. This distribution of resources has made society in such a state that more than 20 million children are not able to go to school. what good can be done with a uniform curriculum without addressing this terrible economic aspect?

Class divisions are partly related to education, but the real issue is environmental differences. In the new arrangement, even if you oblige the madrassas to read a few more books, this difference between the school and the madrassa environment will remain as it is. Similarly, the difference between a normal school and Aitchison cannot be ended with just four books.

The curriculum that is prevalent in our country in many places reveals the intellectual poverty of its compilers. It is, of course, a different matter what the problems are in our curriculum and how serious they are, but If a 'uniform curriculum' is to be formulated by these same experts, it will only lead to the promotion of uniform ignorance.

The government should do as much as possible to ensure that some commonalities are taught in every institution to some extent. Instead of a uniform curriculum, the government should focus on ensuring a "minimum" standard that we must educate our children to that extent.

Designing and Implementing a new curriculum and a new education system is a long process and it is possible through evolution, not revolution. Evolution, however, takes time and our political needs want to revolutionize very quickly. This combination of haste and superficiality has also decimated many of the steps that were taken in good faith.

I pray that the curriculum does not become an exercise of political gain, otherwise the “Single National Curriculum” will become a metaphor for the “Single National Ignorance.”

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You have rightfully identified the problems associated with the SNC. It is, in fact, an evidence of ignorance from our policy makers as the SNC does not account for the access to education for everyone. SNC would most definitely affect certain group of students, for example the students from post-conflicted areas whom intellectual level does not match with the students of rest of the Pakistan.

The government, at the moment, should have focused on providing ease of access to education to all instead of SNC.


What an amazing post! You have rightly pointed out the issues in our society that lead to discriminations and social divisions. Definitely, a bunch of books can never kill the social ills of our society. Only fair division of resources can do that. Sadly, education has always been used as a political slogan by our leaders for their own ulterior motives.


I truly agree and appreciate that at least someone wrote a blog about the current single national curriculum which is designed in a sense that it will make our youths more well-developed and responsible citizens for the country Pakistan. But however what the curriculum reflects is that generating more religious youths and dismissing the creativity of students and violating the rights of other minority communities.


I absolutely agree with your point. More importantly, I believe the class differences are not as big of an issue as are the gender and religious issues. We need to teach our children the importance of accepting others. The intolerance has to led to so many violent attacks on the minorities and the vulnerable in society that it has become more than alarming now. Givent the current situation, this government needs to take immediate action and while education alone can't solve the issue, it sure can make an impact.


Zersh Salman
Zersh Salman
Aug 19, 2021

I agree, and I think that thinking that curriculum, a piece of paper that details the content of education, is not enough to address the structural inequalities and incompetence in our education system. Imposing this practice across the nation will result in a serious decline in teacher autonomy, innovative practices, and flexibility in learning - leaving no room for contextually relevant education for marginalized groups. Considering the serious consequences of this curriculum, it feels less like an attempt to promote equity and quality of education and more like an attempt at another Islamization drive in the guise of mainstreaming madrassas.

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