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Songs representing toxic masculinity

Whenever this song “tu mere agal bagal hai” comes up, it reminds me of the of the Toxic masculine culture. It talks about the hegemonic masculinity that prevails in our society. For me this was just a song that I had heard a long way back but after taking this course, I got an opportunity to view and listen this song from a very different perspective.

Recently, my friend played this song and instead of just dancing to the music, the lyrics grabbed my attention and I reflected upon how a man views himself superior to the woman in this song. The lyrics “Tera peecha karoun toh tokne ka nae” and “hai tuj pe right mera” suggests how the guy thinks of the girl as his property where he “assumes” to have rights over her and automatically assumes a position of superiority where he is literally cat calling and objectifying her and that too in front of the public.

Moreover, what’s even more surprising how everyone else in the video as well is just dancing to it instead of stopping him which again highlights how our society works where no one would raise questions on a boy just because he is a ‘boy’.

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