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Television in Pakistan, making or breaking the nation?

Television in Pakistan has always been the dominant medium for accessing news but also infotainment and entertainment content. It has become the medium of choice, especially after the inclusion of private TV channels. Television is the dominant media platform in Pakistan, with more than three-fourths of adults (76.2%) watching it weekly.

The Pakistani TV industry undoubtedly has the highest power of penetration into the local audience. Now as we know, with great power comes great responsibility. The question arises whether this power is being used for constructive purposes. Are the news and shows being broadcasted helping the audience, especially the youth in a positive way and aiding in their personality development? Let's dive in a little deeper and look into this.

Well, If we look at the shows being aired in Pakistan and compare them to those being aired in other countries like the US and even India, we see a clear difference in the content and ideologies. While they have shows like Shark Tank and American's Got Talent where we see that the young talent and audience get promoted, Pakistanis are still stuck in playing games and getting free stuff in shows like Jeeto Pakistan. Even India has its own Shark Tank show where young entrepreneurs come and pitch their business ideas in hope of getting capital for their businesses. This really helps the future hustlers and entrepreneurs to get have a clearer vision and gives them the knowledge of how business models work.

Even if we look at the news channel of Pakistan, we see that there is always some bad news or just shows where the leading political parties engage in verbal fights and not in healthy debates. The news channel has a significant impact on the audience and the people believe what is shown. The news channels also need to come out of the biased political drama and give some positive news as well from time to time.


In conclusion, what needs to be done is that Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) should regulate the channels better and promote more intellectually stimulating shows so that they leave a good impression on young minds and help them in their personality building.

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