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Terror's Children and Humanitarian Aid

Terror's Children is a documentary made by Sharmeen Obaid who shows the lives and experiences of children in Afghan refugee camps. Sharmeen talked about the documentary and said that "In the area we filmed in, we found there were absolutely no NGOs apart from UNHCR working with the refugees. And children had to go out and earn a living or starve to death. A lot of these children don't have their parents with them. They fled the bombing for example. Like the garbage picker; he hadn't come with his family. Most of them that get recruited to the Islamic organizations do so of their own free will. Who wouldn't want to go and study at an Islamic religious school as opposed to working 13 hours a day?" This pressure of having to work multiple times a day to keep themselves alive forces them to join anything that will provide them security and stability, however these organizations don't always have the best interests in mind. Through Aid, if this pressure is reduced, they can go for opportunities that will eventually give them a better life.

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