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"That my heart suffers greatly, but does not break"

From past few years, studio was not being very innovative and this year's first episode released yesterday and tbvh I wasn't even looking forward to it anymore. I was watching a group theory lecture on youtube, and this song came in as an ad and I couldn't resist listening to it after the first 5 seconds! And when it ended I was literally awestruck!! What a beautiful peice of art it is!! All brilliant voices together with amazing music, great lyrics and SUCH powerful messages of what strong and resilient women are capable of and what they deserve. I mean I'm honestly speechless!! Everyone go and listen to the song "Na tutteya ve" with lyrics and do share your views too!

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I love that the song discusses the concept of equality from female perspective through Punjabi poetry. There doesn't seem to any aggression and its just a beautiful, well rounded message portrayed through a song.

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