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The Abuse of Feminism by the West

The Western feminism has often been used as an imperialist tool by the West. It was employed as an argument in their justification for colonialism and the white man took the burden upon himself to 'liberate' the oppressed Muslim woman from the barbaric traditional (often Muslim) men. More recently the invasion and bombing of Afghanistan used feminist rhetoric to justify their brutal policies in the region. A congresswoman in the US wore a burqa in her 2001 speech and spoke of the oppression of women there and how the US had to intervene. Link attached:

This is far from uncommon. The cultural and religious practices as well as identities of the Muslim women have been weaponized by the West to justify their own wars. Muslim women have a voice of their own which should be amplified in order to understand their problems directly. And all voices should be equally amplified not some selected to serve their own interests. This is a common tactic as well where the West chooses to propagate only certain stories and voices that conform with its own narrative while censoring or ignoring those that challenge it's Goliathan Imperialist nature.

I am not denying that there are significant issues in the Muslim world that need to be dealt with nor am I saying that everything is just a conspiracy that the West cooks up to serve its own interests. No. There are serious problems for women and minorities that need to be addressed but as long as they come from the White Savior they will be plagued with added violence and will not be effective or sustainable. The prime case of this is the situation in Afghanistan where 20 years, billions of dollars, countless humanitarian and social aid etc. did not bring about any change and the country is back exactly where it was 20 years ago before the US invasion.

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