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The abysmal portrayal of Women in GTA Games

Almost two decades have been completed since this game was first launched. It had brought some new features with time in its version, but the only thing that remained constant is the "representation of women" in an extremely explicit way that had created multiple vague notions in the community through its users. Women are being represented constantly in an ambiguous way in this game. The characters were given to show them as Strippers, prostitutes or they wanted to become a pronstar. They were shown as abusive creatures, wearing short dresses, walking with having a particular kind of gait assigned to them that seems to be surprising altogether. The more interesting thing is that in all the series GTA games that they introduced, not even a single woman was given a protagonist character at all. The leading character is male in it. Women were just used on such posters prominently.

Furthermore, constant objectification of women in such way clearly addresses to misogynist mindset. The four main founders of Rockstar Studio(which produces GTA) are all male. The whole development team consists of more than 1000 game developers and 80% of them are male. So it is a kind of male-dominated environment they had created and they are portraying women in whatever way they want without any resistance. This also helped them to create a nonsense gender prominence stereotype that "Only men can play these games". This created notion also hyped up overloaded hate against women not in just GTA but in the whole gaming community. Despite the fact that games are meant for escape from reality and people play them just for entertainment but this is what they are serving in the form of entertainment.

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Considering the fact that alot of the times games such as GTA are played by gamers that are not of the recommended age, these games to influence kids in a negative manner.

Playing such games for hours does have the potential of ruining the thought process of male kids, as these games highly sexualise women. As a result under-aged players might take this as a reality of the world. This can have a very dangerous knock-on effect when they eventually grow up, thier mentality might stick to them.


Khubaib Riasat
Khubaib Riasat
Dec 15, 2021

Rather than a more functional design, the female avatars are built with large breasts and bright, revealing clothing to draw male attention to them. Although both men's and women's bodies are altered in video games, male characters are not sexualized; instead, they are shown masculine with great abs and biceps, giving a realistic image of what fighters are like. Women are rarely depicted realistically in games like Tekken and Grand Theft Auto. They're seen as nothing more than a gimmick to entice participants. Instead of male characters, large images of girls appear on game posters.


I think other than the male developers and male dominant field, women's objectification is a source of advertisement for this video game. It's interesting how it is only almost women who always are used for these purposes, and now the blog you've shared accentuates how of these women too, specific body parts are given preference to which reinforces the entire perception of the female body as nothing but an object catering to the male gaze which is, in fact, possessed by people beyond men. This also ties into the portrayal of female characters in other video games like PUBG whereby they are highly sexualized and often portrayed as sex objects. Not only are the female characters inconsequential to the plot…

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