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The Devil: Miranda Priestly

"Its not a happy woman, its an accomplished woman" said Meryl Streep when she was asked about playing the cunning and viscous Miranda Priestly.

The Devil in "The Devil Wears Prada" is Miranda. She's the life and soul of Runway Magazine and a living legend of the fashion industry. That, however, comes with an inflated estimation of ones importance and a demanding personality that no one wants in their boss.

The film's characters comment on a lot of themes but the one that is central to the movie is about accomplished women. Miranda's depiction as the devil and as an unreasonable and cruel individual cements some of the messages that we see an abundance of in media products. It shows not only Miranda but also other successful women as vile and largely incapable of sustaining important relationships like marriage and parenthood.

In a movie that is very proactive about showing women at the top of the corporate ladder, on the surface of it, it seems to be making certain spaces accessible for women. However, the cost at which it's doing it is questionable.

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