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The Future Of Education For Women In Afghanistan Under Talibaans

This is an interesting read especially with the recent turn of events in Afghanistan where the Talibans have taken over Kabul.

In a country where education for girls was only starting to improve slightly after a major struggle for two decades, under the current situation it seems all the minute progress will soon be undone. It is a pity to see how the fight between a superpower and a militant group has repercussions for the most vulnerable in society. Afghanistan is no foreign to war and violence. If you have read Khaled Hosseini’s “A Thousand Splendid Suns” and “The Kite Runner”, his words portray a picture of a beautiful, liberal Kabul ruined by violence inflicted by foreign and internal powers.

But who suffers the most? The kids, whose’ schools are destroyed, and the women, who are not allowed to attend schools. The world has seen what the Talibians did to women during their rule over Kabul back in the 90s. Today, the whole world is again worrisome for the people of Kabul, especially women who are expected to go through some of the worst atrocities at the hands of extremist rule.

However, there are also reports of Talibans claiming to be more moderate this time with a new and progressive view for Afghanistan. But do we believe this? Can the Taliban let Afghans enjoy their civil rights? Or is it again going to be hell for the vulnerable in society until another foreign power joins the violence. Is it the end of education for young girls in Afghanistan? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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The situation is, no doubt, very threatening. Even under the Taliban's former regime, girls were blocked from attending school, while women were largely barred from appearing in public without full body coverings and male escorts. And those who violated the Taliban's rules faced flogging in public and execution.

I just hope things get better in Afghanistan.


The Afghanistan's situation is getting worse day by day people are forced to leave their homeland along with everything that they achieved in the past years. Children and women rights are ignored and they are the most affected ones of Afghan-Taliban war. Currently, the Taliban have worn the cloak of kindness but deep inside they are the same brutal and senseless terrorists. Previously, the Dasht Parchi girl's school incident depicts that how much Taliban are care taker of fundamental rights of girls and women.


Situation is Afghanistan is really vague and worrisome. People are scared. I hope Taliban stick to what they are saying. Let's pray that future holds good things for women and children in Pakistan.


Taliban who recently declared they would not restrict women's education or their entry into the official and political sphere as long as it is within the confines of Islam. I really truly hope that there are no loopholes or ambiguities here. But it is highly likely that the Taliban are saying this to maintain a facade. That they are trying to move away from their earlier regressive image so they receive less censure and ridicule from the world. But given their history, Taliban have never been the champion of women's rights. There have also been reports that women have been turned away from entering the Herat university in Kabul. Until now, the situation seems grim for the women of Afghanistan.


Zersh Salman
Zersh Salman
Aug 19, 2021

The Taliban have come forward with seemingly progressive agendas this time, by mentioning that they will try to be very open to the idea of women's education and rights, but only as long as they are within the limits of Islam. The latter part is quite concerning and leaves room for a lot of ambiguities, I think.

While they might be saying that they will change their ways, they still forcefully removed all female workers from Azizi Bank and asked their male relatives to fill in for them. Girls are still not going to universities because of fear and safety issues in the region.

To me, it seems very plausible that the Taliban might be putting up a good façade…

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