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The Politics on Hijab

Globally, approximately 89% of the muslim women cover their head. In India, almost 64% of the Muslim women and 29% of the Sikh women wear some kind of headscarfs ( stats from times of India) . When such large number of Sikh women also chose to cover their heads then why only the Muslim women and girls are being targetted by the government and why is there such a large influx in the hatred crimes against muslims.

At the beginning of this year, BJP's government banned hijabs in schools for your muslims girls. This is when the issue got highlighted and the international recognition. Hundreds of young girls took out to street as they couldn't get their fundamental right of education. Looking at the reason for this ban we see that it is merely another cheap tactic of BJP's extremist and dirty politics. It is evident over the years that BJP has created and used anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim slurs and sentiments to their benefits in elections. The hijab controversy itself was being amped up by the governing BJP and the wider Hindu right wing to legitimise and whitewash their anti-Muslim attitudes and rally their supporters behind an emotive cause during elections. Not only is this political but it is also unconstitutional. According to Article 25 of the Indian constitution,

“All persons are equally entitled to freedom and the right freely to profess, practice and propagate religion”.


The Indian nation really needs to wake up and stand against such an immoral government which does politics on religion and extremism. Hijab is a women's right and not something to make policies and politics on by the patriarchal society.

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