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The Queen's Gambit is a 10/10 and here's why!

I cannot praise this show enough. Every single thing is so on point, from the cinematography to the storytelling, the score and the wardrobe.

The show revolves around Beth Harmon, and her journey to becoming the Chess Master - the best Chess Player in the world, all the while struggling with her inner demons and battling addiction due to her traumatic childhood experiences.

Somehow the simplicity of chess is captured so effectively, all while showing Beth Harmon and her character development. Chess is shown like it is, logical and a cut-throat game. There's no unecessary dramatization or prettification of the game. which is the case with so many movies, especially when the main lead is a woman.

The show also shows how a prodigy or an exceptionally intelligent person does not necessarily have to be an outcast, (I'm looking at you, Matilda). She's not socially inept or unecessarily rude to those around her. She's human and normal.

Another great aspect of the show is that there's no glorification of her skill. While no doubt, Beth Harmon is talented and better at chess than the average person, she does not have it the easy way. She has to work extensive hours, studty multiple matches. She's not simply born with it. It's like seeing realistic prodigies, like she could be around you.

One of the BEST parts of this show is the way that none of Harmon's romantic interests derail the show. Their importance isn't undermined in any way whatsoever, but they're far from being a main role in her life. What's even more refreshing is that her relationship with her family, in specific, her mother has FAR more importance than these frivolous non-platonic ones.

It's also the best way of showing female empowerment. There's no Us vs Them concept, the division of the two types of females, no aggresive or anti-men sentiments, it's simply about being a strong independent woman.

Anya Taylor's done a spectacular job on her role, just adding to the greatness of this show. And I, for one, cannot WAIT for the next season.

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