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The Story of Children in Nuba Mountains

“We are here to learn but the conditions here aren’t helping us in learning,” says Amar Rehman, a kid studying in a school in the caves in Tunguli.

We travel 5 kilometers just to get some water and run to hide in the caves for our lives when the airplanes come to bomb us. We have little to no pencils, pens and books.

When running for our lives to hide in the caves, some of us get injured, but there are no hospitals to treat the wounded.

He says, Omar Bashir, who is the head of the military, doesn’t think we are humans. He tells us you are animals or insects, but the truth is, we are humans just like him.

There are very few teachers, and the total students in the school are 7000.

One of the teachers said, we don’t eat anything from morning till afternoon, and we don’t have any water. Despite these problems due to war, we won’t give up. But we ask other countries to come and interfere to make it easy for everybody in the Nuba mountains.

Learning about students’ conditions in the Caves in Tunguli, I could only think about how lucky we are. No matter how much we try, we could never imagine what these young students go through.

Think about it and consider their problems, and then compare with our own. How small our problems are in comparison to them. Still, these students refuse to give up and says we will fight for our rights and education.

These students, indeed are an example of bravery, something we as individuals can learn a lot from.

If you wish to see a short video regarding this, here it is:

Usama Khan


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