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The Tragedy of Israel

Amidst one of the most heightened phases of the prolonged conflict between Israel and Palestinian, I chose the word conflict as categorizing this clash as war would be devilish and highly unfair to the mere civilians of Gaza who are suffering the wrath of Israel for simply being alive and following their religion, one can n to help but wonder, what is it that every other child on this planet deserve that the Palestinians don't. Do we consider it their fault that they were born in such a sensitive zone? Do we blame the children for following their faith? Do we question why they have an inherent rage towards their occupiers? No answer can put the oppressors in the green light of these questions. The Gaza board recently announced that they chose to shut down the academic year "because all of the students had been *killed*". We cannot help but imagine how it was the fault of the CHILDREN that they were punished by being carpet bombed.

The ongoing conflict made me realize one thing and one thing only. There does not exist a single international entity or organization that actually works towards peace, and every single one would only get involved if it serves them some benefit. The United Nations schools, which eventually were forced to turn into shelter homes, were BOMBED, and there was not a single Western media channel covering this news. The lives lost. The dreams shattered. All of these atrocities have evidently put the education of these children on the back foot and made survival their first priority. Looking at the horrific scenes coming out of the conflict zone, we ask how a Palestinian child differs from a child from the West or any other country for that matter. What did they do to have to face these punishments? Why do they give up their rights to their education because of being born with a certain identity?

However, just a few miles away, those in Tel Aviv and subsequently deep down in Israel enjoy all the luxuries life has to offer, including but not limited to Parties and the best cuisines (Sushis, Steaks etc.) with having one of the advanced education systems developed around the globe. How is it that those born a few miles from each other have such drastically different lifestyles? This brings me to my final question: do the Palestinians have different human rights than the rest of the people on this planet?

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