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The Two Way Impact on Eduction During Conflict

A conflict involves at least two parties - the oppressor and the oppressed - the right and the wrong. However, when analyzing the consequences of conflict in different facets of life, we tend to ignore how the actions of the 'oppressed' and 'right' contribute to the detriments resulting from the conflict. Let us take the case of Palestine and Israel. Israeli airstrikes often targeted educational facilities in Palestine, including schools and universities. As a result, numerous instructors and students have been killed or detained, educational facilities have been destroyed, and classes have been halted many times in most Palestinian territories.

On the flip side, the militant organization Hamas which has been governing the Gaza strip since 2007, has been involved in various attacks on students, schools, and educational infrastructure in Israel. A student was killed in the Shaar HaNegev school bus attack on April 7, 2011, when terrorists from Hamas in the Gaza Strip fired a Kornet laser-guided over the border at an Israeli school bus. Similarly, Hamas has been responsible for several abductions of Israeli students. These incidents indeed would have disrupted the educational system in Israel.

I am not passing judgment on which side is right or wrong, but education has suffered at the hands of both parties involved in this conflict.

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