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TikTok: The Music Industry's Best Friend

One thing that has become increasingly apparent about TikTok’s recent popularity is how important of a tool it has become in reshaping the music industry and how it impacts new and old music and its exposure. Artists who want an overnight ride to fame can do so through TikTok, that is if they’re able to make their music stand apart from countless others. But taking one look at popular music audios on TikTok and it seems obvious that all one needs is one use of their audio by a TikToker who has decent enough reach and just like that you can have your audio be famous worldwide in just a day.

We are currently in an era where majority of the consumers will go listen to a song based on how viral it is or how catchy the snippet they heard was. Many of these snippets are heard on TikTok where people watch a video with that snippet as the background music and if they like it they go check it out. If a song snippet is able to gain popularity on TikTok, it attracts fans from all around the globe in a short span of time. In this way, many small artists who have not have the backing from official managers or even had the funds to promote their work, have been able to have their music become popular on TikTok and from there fans have flocked to their social media and to listen to their music.

At this point, every artist turns to TikTok to promote their music by using snippets of it in TikTok videos hoping it will catch on and enough people will begin using it. I, myself, have discover a lot of new music from TikTok. Others around me have also done the same. As such, TikTok’s role in promoting music has had a huge part in reshaping the music industry in the current era.

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I agree with the unprecedented influence that TikTok today has. I think it is one platform that has genuinely enabled artists and creators at the grassroots level, to put out their talent and in some way monetize it. It is sad to see how such a platform is pointlessly banned time and again, because the state feels offended or threatened by it.


So true! I am always listening the amazing music and searching those lines on YouTube to get the full song. TikTok is a good back for content creators and talented people if you use it right that is. Nice blog.


I totally agree Iqra. Every social media platform has a good side as well. It depends on us how we use it. Glad that you mentioned something positive about Tiktok. I did not have the positive encounter with Tiktok so, uninstalled it. Now I feel like installing Tiktok again to discover good music!!

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