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Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

Toilet is a pedagogical film. The narrative of the movie revolves around the toilet problem in India due to their religious and cultural sentiments and practices. The situation of the Gorakhpur village is shown where women have to go in open behind bushes early morning as toilets are not allowed in the vicinity of their homes. The real problem begins as Jaya (Bhumi Pednekar) Keshav’s (Akshay Kumar) wife is disinclined towards this practice. Therefore, her husband has to try various ways from taking her to use neighbor’s toilet to using the train toilet during the seven-minute stop it had at the village. Regardless of what she had to face his father in law who is a religious and superstitious priest, has an indifferent attitude.

After Keshav made complaints we see how the government department actively takes action for the toilet construction. However, his father still resists until his mother falls and had to use the toilet Keshav had made. Then he realizes its importance.

Jaya does not accept such a practice and until and unless she would not have shown reluctance the importance of the issue would not have known. Despite the flaws that may exist, in my opinion, the theme of the movie strikes a balance between educating and entertaining the audience. I feel that it portrays a strong social message, unlike other movies which usually revolve around genres such as

romance drama, etc. Therefore, it provides awareness and uncovers the actual condition of rural areas in India as the problem still prevails.

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It was disturbing to know how people went to open areas as toilets. Just the thinking of waking up at 5 am in winter morning with the urge to toilet at those time make me sad. Overall, it was a good movie in terms of awareness.


I think the way you’ve written the importance of a necessity like a toilet is brilliant and exceptional. I found this movie very relatable in the context of Pakistan sad well. Government should realise problems like these which are primarily present in rural areas and the take action on it. Thank you for sharing such a good read!


Thank you for sharing this. I love how this movie highlights a major social issue in a unique way. Instead of relying on the standard Bollywood pattern of sentimental romance, this movie beautifully brings together the theme of love and the issues of sanitation emergencies in India. This movie also highlights the problems faced by women in India. The Problem of open toilets in India is a tremendous issue of wellbeing, cleanliness and natural concern, particularly for girls and women abandoning them at danger of rape. This shows the power of media. If the media addresses such social issues critically and explicitly, it can create awareness and solve many problems. Therefore, our media industry needs to learn from this exampl…

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