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Tum tum; problematic or just fun?

“Dil dene me kia harj hai, leken khatam hi nahi houtey tere kharchey”, yess because men think all women are the same and they are only interested in money. “Tum Tum” blew up and got record-breaking news within a few hours after getting released. What I can possibly identify as a poorly auto-tuned attempt at making a catchy song and an awful rep, tum tum somehow became famous among teenagers in Pakistan. The song is actually about how women are gold-diggers always hell-bent on taking all your money and running away. It’s not just problematic but just made my ears bleed.

The song stars famous celebrities such as Asim Azhar, Mooroo,Ramis and the Talha brothers. I am not gonna lie, the rap by Ramis really makes no sense and this song is a waste of money. Also Shamoon Ismail also sings in his signature way but somehow doesn’t add anything new to the song. However, one positive thing that they probably did as an attention stunt was to star a rising tiktoker named Areeka Haq; the poor girl got a lot of hate for doing her first ever song with such famous celebrities. Obviously, men trolled her for being a cringey tiktoker as well as slut-shamed her openly on twitter. I am really conflicted on this; did they star Areeka for attention or did they truly want to give chance to new people? Anyway, they got their fair share of attention and it worked so does it even matter?

If I had to analyze it through the lens of a (woke???) pakistani teenager, i would say the song just adds to the sexist ideas in desi societies. It literally shows how women are gold-diggers who break hearts steal your money and move to the next guy. Furthermore, there is a very obvious part at the end of the video where all the men “check out” Hania Amir but its normal and cute because boys will be boys (im being sarcastic, don’t get angry)

Raw thoughts on this song as a pakistani: Han bhai sunlenge kabhi kabhi leken we can do so much better as a music industry that has so much potential

Free torture because an online semester isn't enough:

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