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What's wrong in 'Main Abdul Qadir Hoon'

Abdul Qadir (AQ), the title role is played by Fahad Mustafa. The story is about a teenager Abdul Qadir who is born in a privileged background but always felt lonely because his mother is a workaholic woman who always scorns him. His relationship with his father is normal but the family never felt intact because of his mother's attitude. Abdul Qadir then fell in love with a girl who later on exposes him to contraband items (drugs and alcohol). The things were new to him and he didn't prefer that kind of life but carried on just for the sake of girl. However, the girl dumps him for someone more masculine than him. Heartbroken, he decides to go abroad for his studies. After the time skip to abroad, he is shown as a completely different guy who ends up partying and boozing all the time. He also goes through an image makeover looking more like a masculine adult. Even after this life, he is shown in grief because of that girl who dumped him. Later on, he meets a black Christian girl (Nell Ibrahim) who has aids because she was a sex worker before but she has completely abandoned her past life. She starts to work as a maid for him and sometimes uses to question him about his religious views because of the lifestyle he has adopted. Nell is shown as a curious being and someone who has realized her past wrongdoings and now seeks peace and answers to divine truth. AQ because of the character of Nell, falls in love with her and marries her. Nell passes away leaving AQ crushed but she is the reason that he decides to leave his current lifestyle and turns to religion whole-heartedly. There is another time skip in which AQ returns to his home in Pakistan and in the process adopts the general appearance of a typical maulvi. His mother is shocked over his turnaround and is rightly concerned that he will be singled out and victimized.

The black-and-white portrayal of AQ is what I dislike, even if it is an interesting and difficult part for any actor to play given the trajectory he must follow. Furthermore, the serial promoted this hypocrite idea that only person who knows about Islam is a maulvi. So there is no way for someone who is drinking and having a good time to have or be connected to something spiritual? But there are people all around us who are allegedly both immoral and spiritual. While there are many individuals among us who claim to be religious but are so wicked that it defies belief. Such a crude examination of religion indicates that it is pandering to the lowest common denominator and that it is unwilling to question people's perceptions. The way that women are portrayed in "Main Abdul Qadir Hoon" is another issue. The mother who works is equivalent to a narcissistic, materialistic, neglectful person who couldn't give a damn about her family. While there may be such ladies in our society, the writer and filmmaker acted very irresponsibly by portraying women as having no goodness at all. It also blames working women for failing to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives. It is important to combat this sexist viewpoint. The protagonist's romantic involvement with an Aids sufferer is the only thing to be commended, as it sends the message that relationships with such people are conceivable.

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