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When Dreams Turn Into Battlefields...

This short video clip is a compilation of pictures drawn by children in Palestine who were survivors of three consecutive wars. Watching this compilation breaks one's heart as it unravels the horrors residing in these innocent minds. It shows the long-lasting impact of conflict on the mind of these children. Nothing can more accurately describe the terrors that these young survivors went through, but their drawings. The dead bodies on the ground, blood spilled everywhere, and crying faces in these pictures reflect the deeply embedded fear which these children live by each day.

These pictures were drawn by children enrolled in NRC’s (Norwegian Refugee Council) psycho-educational support program that combines psychosocial support with school education to promote the well-being of Palestinian children. NRC took this initiative to help these children overcome the fears of conflict that haunt them even in their dreams. It is a great way to help Palestinian children move towards a normal life. This program also extends support to teachers and parents as they too play an important role in the education and well-being of children.

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