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When music creates an impact..

As a huge fan of music, I felt like having my first blogpost on one of my most favorite songs (shared the link). I discovered this song earlier this year when a friend recommended it to me. It made me feel what very few songs have made me feel over time. The lyrics are such that they hit me every time I hear it. It’s the song about loneliness and the desire to have someone by your side to be just there for you. What made this song so special is probably the time when I listened to it. It was January, the time when corona was at its peak and we were all just locked in our homes. There was a sense of complete hopelessness and a feeling of isolation that had taken over most of us.

It seems so strange that how powerful a media medium like music can be which connects with you so well and the song choice can completely vary for different people or one song can also have the same effect for many people. Also, studying the theory of embodiment reminded me of all the songs which are so soulful and just because of the lyrics and the voice of the singer, the song creates an effect on you even when you are not even feeling that emotion such as sadness associated with this song. Hence, music is a media text which can convey so much without any visual context such as for this song too, it has no music video and just a lyrical one but that doesn’t stop me from resonating with it.

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You have indeed pointed out on a very important thing which one doesn’t realise. Music is a form of an art and expression and sometimes does more justice to the situation and the words that one is trying to explain. I explicitly remember the APS incident that took place in 2016 where innocent children were killed at the hands of the terrorists leaving the entire nation in utter sorrow and shock where it became really difficult for everyone to comprehend the situation. As a result, many anthems came out one of which went like “Bara dushman bana phirta hai jo bachoun sey larta hai”. I remember this song instilled such strong emotions into the audience at that time and I’m…

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I agree with the author on the impact music can have. Some songs convey strong and important messages like the famous lyric "you are beautiful no matter what they say" (beautiful- Christina aguilera) which encourages fans to be self-accepting and take a stand against bullying. However, more than songs providing pleasure or being meaningful and spreading social messages, they provide a universal language which unites people from all walks of life. Every country has their own language but the language of music is such that everyone understands. for example, in the various music festivals that happen across the globe, when the music is being played, despite the language, everyone enjoys it. In fact, my favourite song is "Bailando" by Enrique…

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Seeing this post reminded me of song "perfect" by Ed Sheeran. I love that song and i honestly don't know how to describe it. It creates such a beautiful sense of belonging, and by the music and words you imagine all those things happening to you or around you and it instantly lifts your mood.

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Being a huge fan of music, this post hits home. Music has always been a source of inspiration as well as my safe space for me. There are so many songs that take me back to different scenarios because for me those songs representa certain mood and scenario. Moreover, it's amazing how music is subjective and everyone has a different relation to different songs. I believe music is one of the most personalised form of art which every listener can relate to. Growing up, music has played a huge part in my life.

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I think the the semiotic approach really explain what's happening here. Songs are associated with a mood or some values which can be different for everyone, some people might find a song livening while some find it calming and then we form groups based on who relates the same meanings to those songs. Furthermore, the meaning we form from the song, if it coincides with our values, we form a strong bond and relation with the song.

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