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Who is Andrew Tate

I've never been so confused about how I feel about someone yet. Andrew Tate is testing my ability to form a perception about influencers. Why are people always listening to this misogynistic bully that screams toxic masculinity?

Well, his controversial opinions have people glued to the screen waiting to see what he might say next.

Let's see what this retired MMA fighter has to say about women driving

"After seeing a woman make a “U-turn into oncoming traffic,” Tate thought to himself, “how are women allowed to drive?"

The statement just makes me feel like I've gone back a couple of decades in time.

plenty of women who would enjoy being in a relationship where a man is filling traditional gender roles,” another blatantly misogynistic statement to defend problematic gender roles

He makes statements like men who feel pain cannot be his friends. Other extremely disgusting statements like how he wakes up to multiple women giving him sexual favours.

The question is why is this person not shut down? Why is he trending on social media platforms? A possible theory is that his statements are so over the top that people find is fun and take it in a sarcastic manner. Even if this is the case does it justify him being popular?

Another theory is that there isn't one Andrew Tate. There are still so many people that would agree to his sexist ideology but not openly admit it. It seems he has successfully tapped that part of the population where now those people find it amusing and validation for there own ideas.

What is ur opinion on this? Comedian celebrity or just outright sexism?

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Thanks for turning our attention towards this pertinent issue!

This makes one ponder about how media can be a double edged sword. Youth's minds are pretty malleable and docile and susceptible to any ideas trickling in through social media. We must practice consciousness before putting content out in the ether.


I personally believe that Andrew Tate is as big of a misogynist as it comes. His comments about women highlight outright sexism which I do not understand how anyone finds funny. I did not know who he was till a few days ago when I saw a clip of him which went viral and when I saw it I was just confused and outraged at how people are supporting him for it. He deserves to get shutdown and cancelled.


Having read so many blogs by now, I feel like humor and a light-hearted tone to get an opinion across just undermines or at least tends to undermine the significance of the issue at hand. This is not a comedy. This is outright sexism, in response to the question you raised.

Everything he says, who do you think will call him out? The society? He is not saying anything which might bother or go against the popular beliefs that the people have. He is just reinforcing the set-in-place narratives of the patriarchal society.

Yesterday, I saw a post on Instagram which was a survey that found out that women had better control over cars than men which means they…

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So true youve raised such an important point. I think this also goes to show that people who are being called out are not because theyve done something wrong (because society doesnt care) its because it challenges the social constructs.

However some comments about recieving sexual favours are ones that cannot in any way be justified. Dont you think he should have faced backlash from the religious communities if not from the "woke" people of the world. There are definately some.other factors at play here


Outright sexism for sure! An amazing blog Uzair, it's amazing how your tone is so gentle and angry at the same time :) I agree with your speculation and it is just extremely scary to think that there exist such people who would happily agree with Andrew Tate's views. In a day and age where cancel culture is so popular that any problematic person is shut down the minute they pose controversial remarks, it is indeed surprising why Andrew Tate is getting away with it. But then again, aren't so many men getting away with it? Think of Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, a highly misogynist person who should be canceled, but people still admire his work and he keeps writing…

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I also believe its herd thinking at play here. So many people have been cancelled at much less extreme statements. His popularity still remains. I think its just a matter of someone speaking out on this and everyone will jump on that bandwagon too to get clicks and make money


Iman Aamir
Iman Aamir
Aug 02, 2022

Hi I feel like it’s outright sexism as well , and it’s not only him but I have seen a lot of comediens make sexist jokes which donot seem funny to me . For some reason men find it best to perform comedy by making sexist jokes rather than finding other content . Moreover in my opinion those who make sexist jokes are not just performing comedy but they let their inner thoughts and mindsets be displayed

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I agree its not just the comedians that are displaying their true mindsight but the audience too that Andrew Tate attracts with these problematic statements. I feel like the people who are not shutting this down instead treating it as comedy might be acting as an enabler which is normalizing these ideas.

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