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Why Teefa is in Trouble?

Pakistani cinema has been rusted for a long time. It was unable to catch a person's eye. The rust and veil of ignorance have been lifted above, and the Pakistani film industry has started to make a killing in the world. The quality of production has been improved to a great extent.

Teefa in Trouble is a Pakistani romantic action comedy film. It stars Ali Zafar and Maya Ali, both of whom made their Pakistani film debuts. This film is also the directorial debut of Ahsan Rahim. This film was the third Pakistani movie to cross the 50 crore mark.

All the songs and production were done in Pakistan. The film was released on 20 July 2018.


The film revolves around the life of Teefa. His mother raised him. He was introduced to the World of crime due to his impoverished upbringing. He works under a Don named Butt Sahab. The risks and difficulties of Underworld made him strong and forceful. On the journey of his crimes, he met a girl named Anya. Their first interaction was bizarre. When Butt Sahab asked Teefa to kidnap Anya, he wasn't aware that he would fall in love with her. The real trouble started when Teefa realizes that he has feelings for her. The love story was not easy at all. They had to face all kinds of difficulties to get married. The family of Anya and Butt Sahab was against Teeefa. They were eager to take revenge on Teefa and rescue Anya. The touch of comedy and action has made it an amazing movie to watch.

Forced Marriages:

This film totally depicts toxic Pakistani culture. There is no space for love marriages in rural areas and conservative households. All of the problems started when Anya was forced to marry a guy against her will. Anya's family never asked her about his choice or will. They just imposed their choice on her. Such behavior of parents makes children rebellious. Butt Sahab thought of Anya as an object and asked Teefa to kidnap her. He also didn't care about the girl's choice.

Another issue in the conservative households is that they don't allow their girls or boys to marry a person below their social class. This case was depicted in this movie. As Anya was from a rich background and Teefa was just a gangster, they weren't allowed to love each other. This movie tells us that "Love has no boundaries." You should definitely respect your children's choices. You should hear your children with patience. If they are doing something wrong, you should guide them in a good manner rather than be strict and harsh.

Awards and Honors:

It is the first non-Indian film which was distributed internationally by Yash Raj Films. Ali Zafar won the 18th Lux Style Awards for best actor. The movie cast was able to score 10 awards in the 5th Galaxy Lollywood Awards. It was appreciated in the whole country.

The mixture of comedy, action, love story, and Pakistani culture make it a must-watch.

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Sorry but I disagree on multiple levels. Firstly, my personal issue is with the movie itself, as other people have pointed out. To "not follow" or to "not take sides" is a side itself, and i think if we are going to give "alleged" harassers the space to be watched, celebrated, and spoken about, we are doing a disservice to victims who are quite literally being served court notices for daring to speak up. Enabling is criminal, and I do not understand the obsession with "innocent until proven guilty" without understanding the very real tangible consequences of providing the space to harassers to remain innocent and continue living life without consequences


I apologize if your feelings were hurt. I haven't heard that song. I usually watch movies by skipping songs. To the extent of the harassment issue, I haven't followed the case much, but the case against Ali Zafar was dismissed in my thinking. I asked to watch this movie in the context of good Pakistani production.


@kanza, you are true. In terms of the Pakistani context, this movie depicts good production quality.


I am sorry I disagree with you. Apart from the problematic songs this movie seemed like a cheap rip-off of Bollywood movie Dabang.


I hate how Ali Zafar’s sexist lyrics “O tera item number full chalega.... Tu likh ke ye rakhwale” from this movie was not even considered problematic! I disagree with you completely on how this movie is a “must watch.” In fact, it should be completely boycotted because we should enable harassers like Ali Zafar to continue making movies under the misguided patronage of viewers.

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