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Women in Money Heist

Money Heist is a show that focuses primarily on a group of robbers and their heists. It features several female characters who play significant roles in the story. The robbers are not all men, with female robbers portrayed as intelligent, strong and crucial members of the heist team who can and are able to take charge and authority whenever they want.

Tokyo serves as the show's narrator and is one of the main characters. Even though the mastermind of the heist is the professor, Tokyo carries us through the show with her thoughts. She is given a central role in storytelling. Tokyo is independent, strong willed and a resourceful character. She practices her authority when needed, is there for her group and does not back down. Her emotional past does not make her a meek character, instead she tries to make a life for herself. Her strength is unbeatable and she is literally not afraid of anything. Even till the end she fights instead of backing down.

Lisbon (Raquel Murillo) is an inspector who initially attempts to bring the heist crew down, she eventually becomes an ally to the group and plays a pivotal role in executing their plans. She is shown to be a very intelligent and adaptable woman. Her knowing all the plans alongside the professor gives her a strong position. Her joining the heist shows her determination to fight for what she believes in. Having no experience in carrying out crimes, she is still shown to be super skilled and brave enough to take a part despite knowing the consequences.

Nairobi is also a key member of the heist crew. She is strong and determined. She is also skilled at counterfeiting money. She is not afraid to take risks and challenge men. We also have Stockholm's character who begins as a hostage and eventually falls in love with one of the robbers. She becomes an active participant in the heist. She contributes her knowledge of the inner workings of the bank. Her ability to start a new life, breaking away from the (harasser) father of her child, shows her personal growth. As someone initially shown as a weak character, she is able to get herself together and take a role in the heist.

Lastly, let's not forget how Alicia Sierra while being pregnant is able to find the professor all by herself, without the need of a team or a man. She is able to do what no one could and that too all alone!

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