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WORDS Of Encouragement


Words of encouragement are very effective tools whose effectiveness, we usually do not realize. If someone you know is having a bad day a good word of encouragement can help to lift their mood and encourage them.

It leads to the formation of good friendships and strong bonds among individuals while promoting an environment of positivity. Your words can change someone's life. For example, complimenting someone on their artwork can motivate them to carry on making art or simple compliments when someone is trying something new like a new sport can encourage someone to work harder at that sport.

We feel that our words do not matter or that words can only be used to hurt others but the opposite is also true, we must realise that our words have the power to break someone down or build someone up, so we must realize the power in words and use them to help others . A great scholar once said that the "pen is mightier than the sword" and this is a very accurate statement to represent the power of words

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Great post!

When we are encouraged, our confidence grows. The encouragement might provide a momentary lift or change someone's confidence for a lifetime. Either way it matters – and you never know when what you will say will make a big difference in someone's confidence.


This a a very cute post. Especially in these difficult times, when we see intolerance, disappointment, hatred and negativity everywhere around us. Thank you so much for such a gentle reminder.


Yes this is needed so much in today's world. Most of the people today do not care about others, and in these conditions, encouraging someone can really make a difference.

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a little encouragement goes a long way,thanks for sharing

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