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You”ll Never Get Life Again

Zindagi na milegi dobara. A film and a motto all in one. The film is one of my fondest memories, not least because we were stuck in Dubai once in an apartment with nothing but this film for entertainment for 3 days. By the end, we had memorized every single word in the entire movie.

It is perhaps then a testament to its greatness that even by the end we had not grown to hate every fragment of its composition. The fact that we were able to tolerate it even after 15 repeat viewings showed the brilliance of the filmmakers who had created a story of friendship, brotherhood, love and adventure. But most of all, the film is a blueprint for how most of us would want to live our lives. Zindagi na milegi dobara is the mantra all of us would like to chant. Live life to the fullest. Enjoy each moment and take nothing for granted. Focus on what brings contentment and happiness to the exclusion of all else and you will not lose your way.

The film reminded us all of that one friend group that we treasure above all else. Those people who we hold most dear and who make us feel most alive. In their company, we become not who we are but who we want to be and for that brief time feel as though the sky is the limit. Few films have the capacity to inspire such deep connections with our personal lives but Zindagi na milegi dobara manages to do this while keeping it light and funny. It is a perfect blend if ever there was one of emotion and humor, romance and friendship. So far I have not seen any that have come close to rivalling it and in a weird way, I hope I never do.

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Loved the movie! The plot, characters, dialogues, cinematography and even the casting fit right into the picture. In an exception, the music too complimented the film. One of my most favorite movies to have come out of Bollywood in recent times.

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