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You- Normalising Obsessive Behaviour

The Netflix series You centers on the anti-hero Joe Goldberg, a compulsive stalker who doesn't waste any time attaining what he wants. The first season of the show was about a girl named Beck whom he met while working at a bookshop.

We can tell Joe is a psychopath from the first episode of the first season. Throughout the course of the season, he initially gets Beck to like him, then when he learns she doesn't want to be with him, he kidnaps her and eventually ends up killing her.

Season 2 introduces Love, with whom Joe once more falls deeply in love. This time, though, Love is just as fixated on his obsessions as Joe is, if not more so.

Being honest, I was a little disturbed while watching this series because it seemed to mainstream issues like obsessiveness. Obsessiveness was the subject of many memes that were widely shared on social media. Posts with the subject line "When he thinks I'm not insane" were often accompanied with a photo of Joe.

It's crucial to understand that while these jokes may seem amusing at the time, having a stalker or someone who is genuinely "obsessed" with you is scary. Posts along the lines of "If he isn't obsessed with me, I don't want him" are typical nowadays. There are songs that emphasize and romanticize the same obsessional themes, but it's vital to highlight that these jokes have an impact on how we think. Although we may believe that being obsessed with your partner is a good thing, watching You made me understand the actual meaning of fixation and reminded me that being obsessive is undoubtedly bad.

What do you guys think?

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