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Young Stunners; Drug Abuse & Objectification of Women

Young Stunners are a Pakistani hip-hop duo from Karachi, Pakistan. They began to release their Urdu Rap songs in 2012 but gained popularity later specifically for songs such as ‘Gumaan’. They grew very popular in a short period of time and even though most Pakistanis enjoy their music a lot we fail to recognize how much of a bad influence it may be. Most of their songs revolve around drug abuse and women. I have listened to a lot of their songs and not one of them goes without the mention of hash or alcohol. Talha Anjum in the song ‘Uber’ sings:

“Aur charsen aise peeta jaisa Snoop Dog mera bhai”

Since these rappers are loved by most of Pakistan’s young population, they are bound to listen to these songs and adopt their notions of abusing drugs. Talha Anjum himself has been addicted to substances and even had to seek rehabilitation to get rid of his addiction. However, he continues to sing about how these drugs have gotten him through everything and unintentionally normalizes using drugs.

Apart from that, their songs are also known to objectify women and blur the lines of consent for example in ’12 bajay’ they sing the lyrics:

“She knows ke mein hosh nai

She knows milna roz tou nai

She knows wo meri dost bhi nai

Hum jitnay close hain utnay close bhi nai”

The first lyric indicates that he is intoxicated and so is she, but they will still take part in sexual relations. This may blur the lines of consent for a lot of young people in Pakistan. The song Uber also objectifies women with its lyric:

patli kamar, bari aankhen, bari booty aur baal straight ho ke silky

Therefore, their music clearly puts forward toxic ideals for teens to adopt and they should be more careful with what they’re putting out there, especially when it comes to drug abuse and the perception of women because both are already sensitive issues in Pakistan.

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