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The Media Policy Project is part of the LUMS School of Education undergraduate course EDU 274 and EDU 353.

This project aims to create a space for students enrolled in EDU 274 and EDU 353 to share multiple thoughts, queries, emotions and information regarding the role of media in issues related to education, gender and conflict. This project aspires to bring to fore important data related to Pakistani media in its different dimensions. Also, to ensure that at least conversations and dialogues are initiated regarding these issues and to eventually lead to a more informed and better media policy and practice in Pakistan. Most importantly, to create a safe space for students to unwind and share their thoughts regarding the course. This forum would be an opportunity and an unbiased lens to witness the multiple thoughts, questions, queries, feelings, emotions and information centred around the course content. 

Please share your thoughts by posting your blogs and engage enthusiastically with your fellows posts to achieve the true purpose of learning. Feel free to share anecdotes, rhetorics, data and most importantly your own thoughts. The ability to find and convey your own voice, combine the ideas of the students as well as the teachers is what initiated this blog, and a fresh perspective from the young students who have a say in what media policy should look like can pave way for the greater good. 

Happy posting! 

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