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Talking about Blasphemy is blasphemy.

Zindagi Tamasha is a Pakistani film that was supposed to hit Pakistani theaters in 2019. Upon the release of its trailer, TLP labelled the film as blasphemous and launched country wide protests to stop the film from hitting the screens in Pakistan. This film was directed and produced by Sarmad Khoosat who is very well renowned in the country for his contributions towards the revival of the Pakistani film industry. The movie captures the tale of a maulvi who went viral for posting a video of him reciting a naat while wearing dupatta. The bilingual movie sheds light on intolerance in our society and the ways that different factions of the religion misuse the Blasphemy to get their way around.

Just because the movie talks about how the Mullahs` use Blasphemy to get their way around people, the movie was deemed un-Islamic and ignited wide-spread protests by Tahreek-e-Labaik in the country. TLP claimed that the movie will eventually lead people to deviate from Islam and the prophet and declared the content of the movie blasphemous. Since the release of the trailer the director has received numerous life threats and was pushed to such an extent that he had to release an open letter, claiming himself to be a man of the Faith along with a promise to stop the release of the film in Pakistan.

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