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The Illusion of Choice: Bandersnatch

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a 'choose your own adventure' interactive film based on 1980's books where you choose the actions of the character. Although it came out in 2018, many people still haven't seen it much to my surprise

The entire film brings forward the idea that you have a 'choice' yet you are guided through the story with only the illusion of choice. Depending on the path you go down, one gets caught up in the choices that you think you ultimately have control of, even though for most parts the endings were slight variations of the same thing. essentially some things were bound to happen regardless of the decisions you make.

Although it's not the best thing to watch in terms of the storyline, the interactive element is really interesting. It really makes you question the decisions that are being made as each decision led to a different outcome and different ending. Although I haven't reached all the endings, it is still an experience and I would recommend everyone who hasn't watched it as yet to go and do so.

For those who have seen it, what was your favorite ending, and how many did you manage to reach?

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Truly an existential crisis moment!


bandersnatch was a psychological masterpiece! Watching it provided a really terrifying and unique insight into how our world functions


Bandersnatch drove me to tears. When he began questioning his reality, it freaked me out. I felt guilty and upset and confused. I finally got to the ending where he goes back in time and dies with his mother in the train, while in the present, he has died in his sleep. It's a beautiful, bittersweet ending, but there is no success in terms of the game. I went back and tried it differently, and he ended up being a Netflix star. Which is great, but also not satisfying. I tried once more, this time deciding against my better judgement to uhhh chop up dad (i was horrified) and the game finally made it! only for it to be remade…

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