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The unofficial love anthem LOVER

Lover is the title song of Taylor Swift’s seventh album and in Taylor’s own words “This album is really a love letter to love, in all of its maddening, passionate, exciting, enchanting, horrific, tragic, wonderful glory.” Lover is about Taylor’s relationship with Joe Alwyn and every single lyric of the song just hit the right chord where you can’t help but think about your significant other or think about having a significant other. The song is simply her being honest and authentic about love which makes it relatable yet a fantasy. The vocals of this song are absolutely mesmerizing and Taylor experimented with many unique instruments like dobro, bouzouki and mbira; but at least my favorite part of the song is its amazing video the video is set in holiday season as we can see a little girl sitting besides a Christmas tree and Christmas also happens to be Taylor’s favorite time of the year, then we see her opening her gift which is a snow globe. Before dropping the song Taylor had a huge live stream in which said that “The concept of this video was inspired by a lyrics from her song You’re in love” this song was about two friends of her who were in love and in a relationship and the line is “So it goes you too are dancing in a snow globe round and round” which she applies in this music video and we see Taylor and Christian Owens is in a doll house. We see them both together against a red background with red obviously being the color of love. We also see them both in a fish bowl which is symbolism to how Taylor and Joe have to live in a closed place in order to keep their love life away from the public eye and media scrutiny. Again through the course of the video Taylor uses similar symbolism to show the ups and downs of being in a relationship and then we see a twist in the video the little girl has the snow globe in her hand and Taylor and Christian standing beside her in their drawing room and are her parents.

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