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Turkish Television-Both, relatable and an escape.

had reached a saturation point when it came to television programs; my dilemma was that Pakistani dramas were monotonous and foreign dramas-though I still watched them for the heck of it-were never relatable enough for me to connect to them.

I started watching Turkish dramas as a part of a Turkish language course that I was taking at the time-they are enormous help in the form of language exercises- and I was pleasantly surprised. For a Pakistani viewer, Turkish dramas have all the right things to offer, they have exciting plots which explore a wide variety themes and genres-from crime thrillers to romcoms-something which our local content lacks, However, what serves as the key attraction is the relatability. When I first came across these dramas, I was struck at how the depictions of social dilemmas such as relationships, social classes, cultural restrictions, practices and beliefs, were so similar to ours. Though I had been watching western television series for as long I can remember, I was aware of the fact that due to being constantly exposed to western content, I could understand things like their humor, however that wasn't something that I could experience in my own environment; in contrast, Turkish content would bring about a feeling of belonging because their representations, humor, and social life had immense likeness to our own, in Pakistan. And so, Turkish content provides what Pakistani content at its finest could provide, along side bridging shortcomings such as a lack of variety in plots.

If anyone's looking for any recommendations, I'm your person! I'd suggest watching Ramo or Atesbocegi for starters.

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